MHP Media

Graphic Design, Media Consulting ...and sometimes latkes

Back in the Old Country, 'round about '76 or '77, I was commissioned to make a piece of art for the padre at our seminary. It was the "Guest's Blessing". I did it using watercolors, a calligraphy pen, and a rather crude approach to fruit. Then, about 20 something years ago, I remade the blessing on 100% rag vellum, drawing the "sefirot" of the cosmos instead of fruit. Unfortunately the framer spilled glue all over the durn thang and ruined the original. Fortunately, I had just taken the text to be scanned at Art Plus when they were still the highest tech fighters in the Middle East, and was able to master a silk screen print-run of about 100 pieces. My mama (noted artist Toby S. Willner) illuminates them when the mood strikes her, and we give 'em out as wedding presents. Folks seem to like 'em. You can order either a numbered print on 100% cotton rag, or a digital print (standard or custom) on paper or canvas. Choice is yours.